"Start with something so simple that it doesn’t seem worth stating; end with something so paradoxical that no one will believe it." - Bertrand Russell

Gratification comes in so many sensuous forms and always beckons my attention. Connecting with a compatible gentleman releases a deep urgency in me to explore secret longings in an unscripted, totally relaxed environment. I am captured by the spark that ignites when eyes first meet, drawn by the first few words of conversation that signal a tingling beginning of a passionate friendship. I adore spending time with a man who treasures a down-to-earth, educated woman. I find so much depth in the amorous connection between two lovers that communicates a sense of trust. I empathize with the man coming from a world of demands seeking a girlfriend experience with a woman who is sweet, classy and whimsical.

I believe in a harmonious liaison that displays an authentic cohesion between two people without the intricacies of a conventional relationship. When our involvement flows like water I know our acquaintance was meant to be and this is what I strive for. I’m not the kind of lady to prompt a man to guess what I’m truly thinking or feeling. I tend to be forthright with an elegantly feminine approach.

Intimacy exists on so many different levels: the way two people knowingly look into each other’s eyes; a gentle caress telling of much more; simple listening with real interest; releasing ourselves to each other’s erotic cravings.

To me, this is true companionship at its finest and essentially what I am all about.