1.Are you a true GFE?
Yes, in every sense of the expression! Companionship exceeds far beyond the scope of just one date. The more often we see each other, the more our experience together will flourish with depth, pleasure and fulfillment.

2.Do you enjoy what you do?
Without question. I am an established, educated woman who happens to be an entertainer at heart. I relish in the freedom of being a companion fueled by desire and not necessity. Satisfying the needs and desires of others brings me great pleasure.

3.Is that really you in the photos?
Absolutely. My photos are accurate and you will recognize me as the woman in the images when we meet. More importantly, they are current and updated about every three months so what you see is what you get.

4.Can you tell me more about yourself?
I have a passion for helping people and am quite involved in charitable groups with. I love the life I have created for myself and am driven to explore new destinations and make new friends. I enjoy shopping, dining and lounging in a tropical environment while sipping a fruity cocktail!

5.Tell me about your background, where you were born and where you grew up.
I grew up in a small town setting surrounded by a strong sense of family and belonging where everyone knows your business. 

6.What qualities do you find desirable in a man?
I just love a man who exudes a sense of confidence that falls short of arrogance. A lofty attitude turns me off. A signature style and an attractive personality with a flair for humor spark my attraction. If we can partake in an intellectual conversation, I just may fall head over heels!

7.What is your idea of a perfect evening?
Mood and dynamic come first, venue second. I am versatile and open minded, enjoying a romantic dinner with a delicious glass of wine or a sporting event with a yummy beer. I love the arts, particularly plays, concerts and formal events. I could go on and on but you get the idea.

8.Do you require a screening process and what is your idea of discretion?
My screening process is not light but not rigorous. Most important is that I have no qualms about my safety. Once the process is complete, your information is permanently discarded. Discretion is a two-way street and so critically important to me that a gentleman can rest assured I will always uphold his privacy. We all have private lives and if we were to ever cross paths in a public setting it would be as though we were total strangers.